Huang Weizhe (left), the mayoral candidate of Tainan nominated by the Democratic Progressive Party, was thrilled to be re-elected, with only a small victory over Xie Longjie (right), nominated by the Kuomintang, by less than 50,000 votes.

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[Reporter Cai Wenju/Tainan Report] As a result of the Tainan mayoral election, the current mayor Huang Weizhe nominated by the Democratic Progressive Party had a thrilling pass. pretty.

The three parties and groups of the South City Council all believe that Xie Longjie’s idea of ​​free health insurance for the elderly and other welfare policies proposed by Xie Longjie this time has indeed been fermented at the grassroots level, which has severely damaged the DPP’s mayor election. In addition, the overall poor ruling environment of the DPP is also one of the reasons.

Li Zonghan, deputy general secretary of the Democratic Progressive Party of the South City Council, pointed out three main reasons for the defeat. First, the free health insurance for the elderly is seriously fermented in the local area.

Second, the general environment of the central government is not good. This mayor election can be said to be an election campaign against the wind.

Third, Mayor Huang Weizhe is serious about managing the air battle. This may be useful for the middle voters, but in the case of low turnout, the election returns to the basics. If the air is ideal, it cannot solve the basic problems of people's livelihood and manage the place carefully. It cannot replace land warfare, and the DPP's grassroots organization work still has room for improvement in the future.

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Li Zhongcen, secretary-general of the Kuomintang League, said that Tainan's health insurance benefits for the elderly are far inferior to those of the other five capitals. This issue is indeed fermenting in the local area. Moreover, the DPP Central Committee is not in power and does not understand the needs of the people. The voting results also show that the grassroots support the DPP. rebound.

Lin Yangyi, general secretary of the Wumeng, said that welfare policies such as free health insurance for the 65-year-old and child allowances have been fermented in the local area, and there has been a lot of public backlash. This should be the main reason for the DPP's poor mayoral election.