Hou Youyi, the Mayor of New Taipei City, held the "Election Night" in the 9-in-1 election, and Hou Youyi delivered his acceptance speech.

(Photo by reporter Wang Yisong)

[Reporter Lin Xinhan/New Taipei Report] New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi, who was re-elected successfully, delivered his victory speech tonight. Hou Youyi said that the election is over, and from tomorrow onwards there will always be only one sentence: "Do things well" and work hard for the citizens of New Taipei. He emphasized , There is no winning or losing in the election. The most important thing is to make each other more united. This is also the most powerful tolerance, care and love. With this spirit, the Republic of China will definitely be stronger and Taiwan will continue to develop. "See you tomorrow at the workplace, continue to be good work".

Hou Youyi mentioned that he had a phone call with Lin Jialong earlier, and they are both good friends. In addition to blessing each other, they also shared many opinions. Regarding the good municipal construction suggestions put forward by Lin Jialong, as long as they can be adjusted, they will do their best to complete them. After all, elections are temporary, and the important thing is to show a democratic attitude during the election process, and to work together after the election.

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Hou Youyi said that New Taipei City is the center of a population of 10 million in northern Taiwan. He said four years ago that the tens of millions of people in northern Taiwan must benefit from each other. Responsibilities and shared interests drive the development of northern Taiwan. New Taipei City is the largest county in the country. "To be a big city, you must also do great things."

Hou Youyi said that he often said that health and happiness should be used to bring a hopeful future to the city. There is no need for too many unnecessary confrontations and conflicts. The Republic of China is our country, and Taiwan is our home. Bickering, it's still a family after the quarrel, New Taipei City is the epitome of Taiwan, don't be divided into ethnic groups, let alone party affiliation, color, it must be right to go this way.

Hou Youyi said that the challenges facing the country are still very serious, including challenges such as declining birth rate, shortage of labor and materials, and economic difficulties. There is still a long way to go, and the strength of unity among family members is needed. Walking together, on the night before the election last night, the wind and rain were very heavy, and the citizens and friends still did not leave. They were full of firm support and walked the last part of the road together. This is the determination, resilience, and kindness of Taiwanese people. Love the land of Taiwan is good. It is better to love the ROC.

The nine-in-one election of New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi held the "Election Night" in Banyi. Hou Youyi broke through 1 million votes and successfully re-elected.

(Photo by reporter Wang Yisong)