The DPP was unable to break the curse of three seats in the Zuo Nan constituency, and the newcomer Huang Zhenlin (second from the right) was reduced to the election.

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[Reporter Hong Dinghong/Kaohsiung Report] The result of voting for the fourth electoral district (Zuoying District and Nanzi District) of Gaoshi City Councilors was announced. The DPP still cannot break the spell of 3 seats. 4 people were nominated, and 3 incumbents were successfully elected. Newcomer Huang Zhenlin With a gap of 525 votes, the Kuomintang hit a home run and all 5 nominees were elected. Bai Qiaoyin, who was once an aide to former mayor Han Guoyu, won the top spot, and Chen Shanhui, an independent party, ranked second.

The Kuomintang nominated Bai Qiaoyin, Chen Lizhen, Li Meizhen, Li Yafen, and Chen Meijuan this time. Bai Qiaoyin, a news anchor with a beautiful appearance, and a former staff member of Han Guoyu, not only jumped out in the primary election, but also ranked among the best in the voting process of the election. However, the veteran Chen Meijuan continued to see-saw with Huang Zhenlin of the Democratic Progressive Party. In the end, Huang Zhenlin lost the election with a gap of 525 votes.

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The non-party Chen Shanhui who won the second highest number of votes has worked hard at the grassroots for the past 4 years, and has the strength to take all the blue and green. Wu Peirong, the whistleblower of the Dongchang incident, only got a few hundred votes.

Chen Ziyu, a Taiwan-based activist who ran in the name of "Chen Chi-mai's aide", won less than 6,000 votes; Zhuang Yiliang of the People's Party could not hold on to the 12,000 votes for the legislator, and got less than 6,000 votes; Zheng Yuqing, the power of the times, only had more than 3,000 ticket.