Kaohsiung's 5th constituency should elect 5 seats, and Huang Feifeng grabbed one for the DPP.

(Taken from Huang Feifeng Facebook)

[Reporter Hong Chenhong/Kaohsiung Report] The current veterans of the 5th constituency of Kaohsiung City Councilors showed their strength. Jiang Ruihong, Qiu Junxian, Zhang Shengfu of the Democratic Progressive Party and Wu Licheng of the KMT were re-elected; The number of places formed a 5-to-1 situation, and the result was won by Huang Feifeng, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party.

There are 5 seats to be elected in the 5th constituency, including 1 seat for women's protection. This time, 13 are fighting for 5. Among them, the incumbents Jiang Ruihong, Qiu Junxian, Zhang Shengfu, and Wu Licheng have their own hills. As expected.

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Women's quotas have become the focus of attention. This time, there are 5 female generals running for election, including Huang Feifeng from the Democratic Progressive Party, Zhang Weiqing from the Kuomintang, Zhang Tingting from the Foundation Progressive Party, Chen Huijun from the People's Party, and Wang Lingjiao from the non-party. The polls are ups and downs, and the competition is fierce. On the eve of the vote, the announcement of "maintaining neutrality" cast a shock bomb on the election situation. In the end, Huang Feifeng grabbed a seat for the DPP.