New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi was re-elected, and his dream of "winning 400,000 votes" has come true. Not only is he the candidate with the highest number of votes in this nine-in-one election, but he will be even more important in the Kuomintang in the future.

(Photo by reporter Wang Yisong)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The results of the New Taipei mayoral election are released. The Kuomintang candidate Hou Youyi beat the DPP candidate Lin Jialong by nearly 460,000 votes, setting a new record for the gap between the two parties in the New Taipei mayoral election. Hou Youyi won all 29 districts in New Taipei City , It is also the first time since the 4th mayoral election after the reform of New Taipei City.

According to the statistics of the Central Election Committee, the turnout rate in this year’s New Taipei mayoral election is estimated to be only 55.57%, a record low. However, Hou Youyi still won 1,152,555 votes, or 62.42% of the votes, beating Lin Jialong’s 693,976 votes, or 37.58%. As high as 458,579 votes, the Hou Youyi camp shouted before the election to "win a big 400,000 votes" and the result came true.

Hou Youyi is also the candidate with the highest number of votes nationwide in this nine-in-one election.

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In the last New Taipei mayoral election, the turnout rate was 64%. Hou Youyi defeated DPP candidate Su Zhenchang with 873,692 votes and 42.85% of the votes with 1,165,130 votes and 57.15% of the votes. Su Zhenchang only got more votes than Hou in the five districts of Sanchong, Luzhou, Shiding, Pinglin, and Gongliao. This time the gap between blue and green widened again. The first record since the war.

The nine-in-one election of New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi Banyi held the "Election Night", Hou Youyi broke 1 million votes, leading Lin Jialong by a large margin.

(Photo by reporter Wang Yisong)