Ke Zhien emphasized that he has not considered electing a regional legislator two years from now. As for what role will he play in four years?

She said, "It depends on the atmosphere at the time!" (Photographed by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] After KMT Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Ke Zhien was defeated, she reiterated that she would continue to stay in Kaohsiung. She emphasized that she has not considered electing a regional legislator in 2 years. As for what role will she play in 4 years?

She said, "It depends on the atmosphere at the time to decide!"

Ke Zhien was interviewed by the media at the competition tonight. The media asked her, "The elections in Tainan and Kaohsiung were unexpected. Is Kaohsiung your estimate?" Ke said that Kaohsiung is different from other counties and cities, especially this one. After two years of strikes, by-elections, referendums, etc., Kaohsiung’s election was more difficult than Pingtung and Tainan. She just worked hard, and the final score was no longer her concern. This time it was okay.

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The media asked: "In the speech just now, I mentioned that you will still be in the role after 4 years. Does that mean you will continue to stay?" She replied that she will definitely continue to stay in Kaohsiung and will not leave. This is certain. "Within 4 years There will be a lot of things happening, so I can only say that I will try to stay as long as possible.” The KMT must take root and manage well. “As for what role it will play next year or four years later, it will be determined by the atmosphere at that time!” But deep cultivation and management in Kaohsiung is a must. Responsibility that cannot escape.

Are you considering running for Kaohsiung's regional legislator in 2 years?

Ke Zhien emphasized, "So far, I haven't considered electing regional legislators. There are different ways to stay in the local area. There will definitely be our role!"

The media also asked, what did you talk to Chen Qimai on the phone just now?

Ke said that they chatted a lot. They knew him before, and apart from having some expectations for him, they also talked about some mutual friends.

Ke Zhien said that despite the burden of the election campaign, he should restore some friendships and give him great blessings. He hopes that Kaohsiung will thrive and progress under his leadership in the next four years.