Lin Yuling (first from right), nominated by the Kuomintang, won the election of Chiayi County's Minxiong Township Chief.

(Photo by reporter Cai Zongxun)

[Reporter Cai Zongxun/Chiayi Report] In the election of Chiayi County's Minxiong Township Chief, Lin Yuling, nominated by the KMT, declared herself elected. She promised that she would never be corrupt in the next four years. Add a big subsidy to not let everyone down.

Lin Yuling said, "During this election process, I went to every corner of Minxiong with the team and listened to everyone's suggestions. We all listened to them! A Ling has four-term congressman experience. I will uphold the spirit of active service in the past and continue to work hard for Minxiong. Fight for the construction of Minxiong, and strive for the welfare of the villagers of Minxiong! The people are great, and A Ling, please supervise me and encourage me in the next four years! Let’s create a new happiness for Minxiong together.”

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Lin Yuling pointed out, "Thank you to all the supporters these days, and I will keep in mind every encouragement to A Ling! I also thank my husband and my family. These days have been hard! There is only one day to be happy, starting tomorrow, A Ling Wind up, I will go all out for the next four years! The people are strong, and the people are better."