Lin Mengling, a candidate for the city council in the 3rd constituency of Taichung City, took the lead over other candidates at 6 o'clock tonight and declared himself elected.

(The picture is taken from the "Lin Mengling - Listen to your order" Facebook fan page)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] Taichung City’s 3rd constituency (Wuri, Dadu, Longjing) has 9 to 5 seats in the city councilors. The current Kuomintang city councilor Lin Mengling participated in the final election with the method of "not affiliated with the party or quitting the party".

He was the first to announce his election at 6 o'clock tonight. Lin Mengling said that he was re-elected tonight because of the support of the villagers. He thanked the villagers for their support and the efforts of the campaign team. He will continue to work hard without forgetting his original intention.

Lin Mengling said that he will move forward with everyone in his hometown, and he will definitely spur himself to complete the goal construction efficiently and live up to everyone's trust. He is grateful to everyone who cheered him on during the process. These are the motivations for his continued hard work.

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Lin Mengling said that in the last 4 years, he won more than 2,000 cases, linking up the Longjing leisure and life circle; in the next 4 years, he will not forget his original intention, and will redouble his efforts on the basis of the past, and strive to move forward with the political appeals he put forward, so that Longjing, Dadu, and Wuri are getting better and better, and they continue to demand that the establishment of economic development plans be accelerated to meet local needs, so that urban welfare can also be implemented in rural areas, continue to strive for school construction funds, and improve the quality of children's education environment.