Song Guoding conceded defeat and fought a good battle.

(Provided by Song Guoding)

[Reporter Cai Zhengmin/Miaoli Report] Song Guoding, the candidate for Miaoli county magistrate, the power of the times, admitted defeat this evening. Song Guoding pointed out that he apologized to his supporters because he did not work hard enough to win the approval of the county residents and friends. This election did not meet everyone's expectations.

Song Guoding also congratulated Zhong Dongjin on his election, and said to several other candidates, "Because of your participation, we fought a good battle in the Miaoli county magistrate election."

Song Guoding emphasized that starting tomorrow, we must continue to work hard for a better Miaoli. He would also like to thank all the good friends who encouraged us at the scene and in every corner of Miaoli, because so many volunteers, fellow villagers and friends supported us all the way. Now.

Maybe you will be disappointed with today's election results, but I implore you not to be disappointed in Miaoli.

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Song Guoding said that he was the only one without local factions in this election campaign. The resources came from the spontaneous efforts of Miaoli County residents. Every vote he cast was not wasted. He condensed the strength of the future of Miaoli.

There are tens of thousands of people who believe in the value of democracy, believe in the operation of abandoning insurance, and are willing to cast their votes. I believe that all Miaoli people will remember the election tonight, and it will become a greater driving force for Miaoli to move forward in the future.

Tomorrow's Miaoli must continue to move forward. No matter where he is in the future, he will continue to work hard for the future of Miaoli.