Molly Lingxi changed her name to "Tian Shen Jie, the color of blue and green support zone", and was successfully elected as a Chiayi city councilor today.

(Retrieved from Molly Lingxi Facebook)

[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Report from Chiayi] The results of the 11th election of Chiayi City councilors were announced. The 16-character non-party "Tian Shenjie, regardless of color, blue or green, supportive zone color", won 2,813 votes and was elected as a councilor in the Eastern District, becoming a big dark horse .

Molly Lingxi, the e-sports live broadcaster, changed her name to "Tian Shenjie, the color of the supporting zone regardless of color", and ran for Chiayi East District Councilor as a non-party member. Interactive, actively participated in the political speeches before the election, and also joined the artist "Chicken Pai Girl" Zheng Jiachun to Lin Congming's Casserole Fish Head and Wenhua Road to build momentum. Last night, he wore a golden lace wedding dress and took a fake horse-drawn chariot to participate in the water spray ring "Before the Election "Night" has sparked topics and boosted popularity.

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Molly Lingxi expressed her acceptance speech through Facebook at 8 o'clock tonight. She said, "Thank you for your love, so that I am not divorced. When the lights were turned off last night before the election, I couldn't help crying secretly; I didn't expect so many Friends came to the scene to wave to me and give me strength. Since announcing our candidacy, there have been many unfavorable remarks, but we still have limited resources, hoping to squeeze out unlimited possibilities; The videos of the press conference were all edited by myself XD Thank you Chiayi for writing a new page of Taiwan election with me.”

She also mentioned, "Thanks to Gtokevin, a small businessman relying on Pekangu Co., Ltd. for giving me the opportunity to participate in the election. Thank you Zheng Jiachun and Fengli Wu Hongyi for taking the time to come to the platform, and the friends who helped us along the way; and the hard-working election staff, Thank you for your hard work! The parliament is not the end, and Shenjie’s fantastic journey will not end here. For our beloved Chiayi, we have dreams, enthusiasm, and expectations. But this first step always has to be taken by someone. I am Tian Shenjie, I am proud of my name, and that is because I know that there are a group of proud people standing behind me Chiayi people."