Sometimes it is difficult to choose a good birthday greeting for a man - a colleague, friend, father, brother, husband or even a business partner.

They often look for warm words in prose, because it seems that poems, even to the closest friends or loved ones, are not manly enough and somewhat frivolous.

That is why we have chosen here the very birthday greetings to a man in his own words.

Here you will find cool, short, philosophical, wise greetings that will help lift your mood and show your special attitude to a person.

And you can also find

birthday greetings for a woman

, if you need to give warm words to your wife, sister, mother or friend.

Different birthday wishes for a man

I wish that no wishes, no matter how big, from your enemies never come true - but the smallest ones from your friends come true!


I wish on this long-awaited holiday that the angel who protects you never loses vigilance.

After all, you hardly meet such real men anymore.

You are our rare rarity.

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Happy Birthday!

We wish you good, warm and all kinds of blessings!

Let there be many victories and achievements ahead!

We wish you financial stability, prosperity and brilliant results!

Strength, cheerfulness, health, positivity, energy and well-being!

May all plans and wishes come true!

Let your family and friends support you in all your endeavors!


Happy Birthday!

I wish not to miss life, but to rejoice in each new day.

May God give health, strength, abundance, happiness, comfort and peace.

Good luck in all endeavors.

Support from family and friends!

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I congratulate you on your birthday and I want to wish you strong male strength and full self-confidence, well-being in life and the best of luck on your journey.

Let every victory be loud, every problem trivial and easily solved, every meeting happy and joyful, any number on the calendar fun and interesting.



I raise a glass to your happiness!

And then — for your health!

And then — for luck!

For love!

For a life filled with positive events!

For the best!

And let it all come true!

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With great respect and joy, we congratulate you on your birthday!

May today and always on this holiday be warm from the care and attention of dear people!

Let what is most precious in life be strong - friendship, health, family!

Health to you, well-being, sunny colors in life!


On your birthday, I wish everything to be perfect.

So that if the career is successful, if the salary is decent, if friends are loyal, if the family is strong.

If cognac is aged, if the car is new, if recreation is the most active.

And may the bird of luck always circle around you!

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You are young, full of strength and energy, a whole world of possibilities is open to you, so may success smile at you in all matters, and may your dreams come true.

Be happy.

Happy Birthday!


I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

I want to wish you all the best, so that life is filled with happiness and joyful moments.

Let the days full of sunshine await.

I wish to remain so stable, courageous and brave, so that your relatives would be proud of you.

I want to conquer one peak after another and achieve the set goals.

And of course, I wish simple family happiness, love and understanding.

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Let everything you want come true.

Let everything that is valuable and expensive be nearby.

Much love, health and happiness to you on your birthday!

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