REVIEW of the 2014 Education and Training Policy and Basic Education Curriculum have been completed and are awaiting the internal process of the Government to get the consent of the prepared drafts to be sent to the stakeholders for a national debate.

This has been explained by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology Hon.

Professor Adolf Mkenda while speaking at the 41st Graduation of the Open University in Mwanza, where he said there are big things that have been suggested by various stakeholders.


Mkenda has explained that the implementation of the work has continued by involving various stakeholders including Bishops, Sheikhs, teachers, private school owners as well as experts from abroad to gain experience from countries that brought about educational reform and succeeded and those that did not succeed.

"We have completed the draft of the policy review, it has many great recommendations, what we are waiting for now is the internal process to go through those recommendations before we officially announce them for the national debate and finally the decision making process can be reached within the Government," said Prof.


Citing an example, one thing that has been touched upon in the Policy review is the issue of teachers being given priority in quality and the issue of continuous training on the job.

Even now, the issue of on-the-job training has started and is continuing.

"In the review of the Policy, the existing teachers will continue to be given on-the-job training, which they have already begun to receive and new teachers will see criteria in the review of the Policy to ensure that we have the best teachers to develop our education," explained Prof.


He has said that the work of going through the curriculum is also going well and that usually in this country the work was not taken to the decision-making level due to being more professional, but with this education reform it will be brought to the higher levels and then discussed by the Tanzanian public.

He added that the reform of the curriculum will also take place at the level of Higher Education, where more attention will be paid to the quality of education.