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Another dangerous with potentially dangerous manifestations of an unhealthy psyche walks among us.

This one is also a teacher.

This is his ad that he has already hidden:

“Have a problem with street dogs?

Do they annoy you, you don't want to see them, or you just hate them and the dogs that feed them?

Don't delay, call us, we are a task force for mass killing of scavengers.

And here are the options we can offer you: Shooting - BGN 70 per unit.

Poisoning - BGN 50 per piece.

The price includes the cleaning."

There are also photos (+18)

Citizens raised the alarm about an LTU associate professor who killed dogs for money


There are doubts about another victim of the sadist Zachary, who tortured the dog Mecho


An angry scandal broke out in the parliament because of the amendments to the Electoral Code, which were voted on in the relevant committee after an 18-hour meeting and today entered for discussion in the plenary hall.

According to one of the changes adopted with the votes of GERB-SDS, BSP and DPS, the paper ballot is returned to all sections as a voting option.

LIVE: Fierce scandal in the parliament because of the Electoral Code, Nastimir Ananiev was expelled and the punishment was canceled


A tanker crashed near the "Danube Bridge" border crossing in Ruse.

Several cars are affected.

At least one person has died, Nova informed.

The Ministry of the Interior told NOVINI.BG that the tanker exploded around 10:40 a.m.

The accident happened at the roundabout before the checkpoint.

Due to a huge traffic jam from TIRs, the fire trucks were unable to arrive for 10 minutes.

A tanker exploded on the "Danube Bridge" in Ruse, at least one person died


GERB have no intention of forming a cabinet with the first mandate.

This was stated by Andrey Gyurov from the PP from the tribune in the National Assembly.

"Bulgaria expects a plan and a vision, people want urgent measures to be taken to reduce inequalities in the country, and the only thing GERB has done is to elect the Speaker of the National Assembly and introduce the disgraceful Electoral Code," he said.

Andrey Gyurov: We are not afraid, the chance for Schengen is decreasing


"Economic Police" entered the Municipality of Stamboliyski.

This was commented to NOVA by the mayor of the city, Georgi Maradzhiev. 

"Economic police" also entered the factory of Maradzhiev's son.

A protest is being held in front of the municipality in Stamboliyski.

"Economic Police" entered the Municipality of Stamboliyski.

Mayor Maradzhiev was arrested


Someone probably thinks that the word "official" is some kind of armor for everything...

Radev defended Demerdzhiev: How can parties demand the resignation of an acting minister?


335 snow plows are ready for the winter cleaning of Sofia.

55 points in the capital have also been determined, from where the heavy equipment will depart, so that the cleaning can be easier.

This was stated to BNT by the director of the Metropolitan Inspectorate, Ivaylo Ivanov.

335 snow plows ready to clean Sofia this winter


"When Maritsa 3 TPP is not operating, there is no sulfur dioxide pollution.

Carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced by 40% by 2026. 

This can happen if coal plants are not operating at full capacity or if they operate through technologies that capture emissions and convert them into other products. 

In all probability, the EC will sanction us for pollution". 

This is what former Minister of the Environment Borislav Sandov said for "Your Day".

Sandov: When Maritsa 3 TPP is not operating, there is no sulfur dioxide pollution


He will be served with a sharp demarche on the attack.

Already last night, the Bulgarian diplomats informed the management of the European Commission in detail about the serious incident in Ohrid.

Around 20:00 local time last night, a magazine was emptied during the shooting against the Bulgarian club.

Immediately after the attack, the Bulgarian consul in Bitola, Dimitar Ivanov, arrived on the scene. 

Externally calls the ambassador of S. Macedonia because of the shooting against the Bulgarian cultural club