In 2022, the United States and Canada will celebrate a major public holiday —

Thanksgiving Day — on November 24.

Traditionally, this day is celebrated with festive parties, costume parades and festive dinners.

Families on this day traditionally gather at the festive table, for which a baked turkey is prepared from year to year. 

History of the holiday

Thanksgiving is a holiday with a long history, which is celebrated in many countries of the world and is mostly associated with the end of agricultural work.

The main purpose is to thank God for the harvest and help in growing the crop and for all the achievements of the nation during the year.

Elements of ancient national traditions are often present in such holidays.

In predominantly Protestant countries, Thanksgiving is often associated with the biblical holiday of Shavuot.

In 1789, the first president of the United States, George Washington, declared Thanksgiving a national event and, at the request of Congress, set the date — November 26, Thursday.

Thanksgiving Day finally became a national holiday in 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln established it on the last Thursday of November and declared it a national holiday and a day off.

Thanksgiving traditions

A number of traditions are associated with Thanksgiving, which Americans keep and observe.

All family members must go to church and gather at the festive table after the service.

Baked turkey, cranberry sauce and apple cider are a must on the festive menu. 

On the eve of Thanksgiving, charity flourishes: Americans try to feed and somehow cheer up their neighbors who are not lucky in life.

Even at subway stations, special tables are set up where anyone can put their donations, including food.

Thanksgiving Day in Ukraine

In Ukraine, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on September 20, but it is not related to the American holiday.

In Ukraine, this holiday is timed to the end of agricultural work in the field, which falls precisely in the middle of September.

In ancient times, Ukrainians celebrated the Obzhynka harvest festival, which was held on the occasion of the end of harvesting bread. 

In September 2017, as part of commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, it was decided to restore the Thanksgiving holiday at the initiative of the Ukrainian Evangelical Church.

Then in Kyiv on Khreschatyk, solemn and entertaining events dedicated to this day were held, in which almost half a million Ukrainians took part.

The last time such a number of citizens gathered in the center of Kyiv was only during Euromaidan. 

Since then, Thanksgiving Day has become a national holiday and is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of September.

In 2021, the day of celebration fell on September 19.

Thanksgiving greetings in verse and prose

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving,

Good to you, luck,

Happiness, understanding,

So that there is no weakness,

And only only aspirations,

All kinds of good deeds!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Today is Thanksgiving!

Let's postpone all our affairs

and spend it in a wonderful mood

in the circle of the family at the festive table.

Let's remember all the happy moments

that we had to experience during the year.

Happy Thanksgiving


Everyone got into the discussion,

each in his own way -

About the taste of turkeys and

About "Mayflower"...

Let's stop the debate,

Let peace reign:

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a holiday!


Happy Thanksgiving.

May this day bring many pleasant moments and native smiles, family coziness, happiness and kindness, friendly meetings, fun and joy.

Let everyone be grateful for what they have, let it be valued and protected.

Happy Thanksgiving


I wish on Thanksgiving Day that the house was always cozy and the table was full of treats.

Well-being in the family, tolerance and kindness to people.

Let the good done come back to you tenfold!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Let every moment of life be worthy of thanks!

I wish warm evenings and cozy family holidays, mutual understanding and unconditional acceptance from all loved ones and relatives!

Let there be a lot of fun and joy at the festive table!

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

May peace, harmony, financial well-being and abundance in everything always reign in your home!

I wish that the Lord sends you rays of goodness and his blessing!

Appreciate every moment you live and thank God for it!

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