The head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, left his troops in a dangerous situation.

So now it's time for a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces.

This opinion was expressed by the Minister of Defense of Great Britain, Ben Wallace, in an interview with The Daily Beast.

"Given the advantages that the Ukrainians have in training, equipment and the high quality of their military against the demoralized, poorly trained and poorly equipped Russians, it would be in the interests of Ukraine to maintain the momentum of the offensive throughout the winter," Wallace said.

The British Defense Minister said that he would give such advice to his Ukrainian colleagues, with whom he communicates "almost every week."

He praised the Ukrainians for shocking the world by demonstrating their own courage and skill, as well as the huge shortcomings of the Russian armed forces

According to him, the Ukrainian military has already received 300,000 sets of winter uniforms.

"They have 300,000 units of winter combat kits from the international community, which is an essential requirement for any winter offensive," Wallace added.

The minister added that the Russian attacks are taking place at a time when high-ranking American officials are trying to push Ukraine to the negotiating table.

Wallace suggested instead that it was time for Ukraine to use its advantage, pointing to the appalling quality of Russia's armed forces.

"Recently a Russian unit was deployed with no food and no socks and not many guns. It's a disaster for a man going into battle... The Russians have scope, but not much. Well, most of the good ones are dead," he said.

Wallace called the tactic of commanding the occupiers the principle of a meat grinder.

"They put them in a meat grinder and use a huge amount of artillery. Only a nation that does not care about its own people can send 100,000 of its people to their deaths," the minister added.

The day before, Ben Wallace said that Great Britain will hand over three Sea King helicopters and artillery shells to Ukraine.

Earlier it became known what will be in the new US aid package worth 400 million dollars.

In addition, Britain will provide special winter equipment for the Armed Forces, as well as rubber aid for 16 million pounds.

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