Zhang Shanzheng's new media department director Lian Hongqing (from left), Taoyuan City Councilor Shu Cuiling, Zhan Jiangcun and others held a press conference today entitled "The Flood Detention Pond Bid is as high as 1.1 billion yuan. What is Zheng Wencan thinking?"

(Photo by reporter Zhang Jiaming)

[Reporters Shi Xiaoguang, Xie Wuxiong/Comprehensive Report] The KMT held a press conference today entitled "The flood detention pond bid is as high as 1.1 billion yuan, what is Zheng Wencan thinking?", questioning the addition of the flood detention pond project to the Zhongli Sports Park project. It was added to as high as 1.1 billion yuan, and it was revealed that more than half of the 11 review committee members are officials with grade 9 or above of the Taoyuan City Government.

In this regard, the Public Works Bureau stated that at the beginning, the flood detention pond was considered to be a long review process, which would affect the progress of the main project, so it was split into two bids for construction, and each bid was operated independently and would not be affected by the other project; as for the review The current procurement law stipulates that more than 1/3 of external reviewers are required. Among the 11 reviewers this time, there are 5 external committee members, which already complies with the provisions of the procurement law.

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Taoyuan City Councilor Zhan Jiangcun of the Kuomintang pointed out that the Zhongli Sports Park project cost 2.2 billion yuan just for land preparation, and the winning contractor, Huangchang Company, won the bid. The company has repeatedly encountered problems, but in Taoyuan City, it always managed to use favorable and restrictive bids. The bid was obtained through bidding. After the main bid of the Zhongli Sports Park project was obtained, an additional flood detention pond project was added with a asking price of 1.1 billion yuan.

Zhan Jiangcun further pointed out that the project’s first public bidding amounted to more than 800 million yuan, but the bid was rejected. Everyone in the engineering industry knows why the bid was rejected. “Who dares to bid?” The main bid has already been taken by Huangchang Company. This additional For the budgetary additional project bid, if other companies win the bid, as long as the main bid company does not cooperate, it will never be able to pass the acceptance, so it is a form of bid binding, and after the bid is rejected, the project amount will be added to 1.1 billion.

Zhan Jiangcun also said that there are not only 2 or 3 doubtful projects in Taoyuan City that start at 1 billion yuan. Like the Dongmen River renovation project, the local government invested 2 billion yuan, the central forward-looking plan subsidized more than 2 billion yuan, and projects with more than 4 billion yuan are also possible Reservoirs and flood detention ponds have been suspended for half a year, and the reason is that they are waiting for an additional budget.

KMT Taoyuan City Councilor Shu Cuiling said that Taoyuan City has established a soil storage area, and all engineering earthworks can enter. The flood detention pond of Zhongli Sports Park does not need to spend too much money. If it is just a general flood detention pond, it does not need much engineering. If a volume is dug out, if another RC structure detention pond is to be built, how much will it cost per ping?

Why does a simple flood detention pond cost 1.1 billion yuan?

Lian Hongqing, New Media Director of Taoyuan Mayor Candidate Zhang Shanzheng of the Kuomintang, said that Zheng Wencan dared to sue others, but he did not dare to sue Shu Cuiling and Zhan Jiangcun, who have repeatedly criticized the Taoyuan City government. The real evidence also proves that Zheng Wencan has a guilty conscience.