Another Corruption Case by Yilan County Government?

Jiang Congyuan questioned the internal control and management of the county government.

(Photographed by reporter You Mingjin)

[Reporter You Mingjin/Yilan Report] The Yilan county magistrate election public televised political opinion presentation held its second session today. DPP county magistrate candidate Jiang Congyuan broke the news that an employee of the Yilan County Government Health Bureau was involved in a corruption case, with nearly 10 million yuan in illegal income .

Jiang was interviewed after the meeting and questioned the internal control management of the county government.

Lin Zimiao, the county magistrate who is seeking re-election, was in a knot during the interview after the meeting. She reluctantly said, "If you break the law, you will be dealt with strictly." However, she avoided internal control and management issues, and only said, "Our county government team is very serious."

Lin Zimiao's prosecution for four major crimes, including corruption, has attracted national attention. The case is currently under trial in the Yilan District Court.

Jiang Congyuan attended a political opinion meeting today and broke the news that employees of the Yilan County Government Health Bureau embezzled gifts from convenience stores that the central government used to take care of infected patients. After the embezzlement, they sold tens of millions of dollars. only to be exposed.

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Jiang Congyuan said that this incident has been going on for more than a month, and the Political Ethics Department should have investigated it clearly. Why did the things that the central government want to give to the infected people go to private pockets?

Is this situation a great irony to a clean government and politics?

Will this be the second case where the county government has been prosecuted for corruption?

Lin Zimiao responded at the political opinion meeting that the county government had already taken the initiative to send the case to the inspection unit for administration according to law, and if there is any violation, it will be dealt with strictly.

After the political opinion meeting, Jiang Congyuan accepted media interviews to add that no matter whether the case was transferred voluntarily or passively, the case must be clearly explained. Why did this happen to the county government?

In terms of management, a single employee can convert nearly ten million yuan of materials into cash for his own collection. Obviously, there is a problem with the management, and the epidemic prevention materials can be sold into his own private cash. This is not a small matter. The county government has been investigating for more than a month. It should be clearly explained to the outside world as soon as possible.

The media also asked Lin Zimiao to add an explanation. She said, "Everyone of us took the initiative to report the crime. Yes, we administer according to the law. If there is any violation, we will strictly deal with it."

The media asked Jiang Congyuan what he thought of the internal control and management department?

Lin Zimiao changed the subject and said, "I'll send this to you, this is Mayor Houjiang's farmland certificate, Yilan City's, and our (county government)'s to everyone."

The media continued to ask questions about internal control and management, and Lin Zimiao finally said, "Thank you everyone, we are very serious, and our county government team is very serious."

Facing media questions, Lin Zimiao changed the topic and sent her publicity to everyone.

(Photographed by reporter You Mingjin)