"It was found that the industrial-innovation group of companies of the family of the former People's Deputy of Ukraine has been supplying state-owned enterprises of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus with highly efficient and energy-saving equipment since 2014.

This is necessary for the functioning of oil and gas, mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal, transport enterprises and other structures of the defense-industrial complex of the aggressor country.

After the full-scale invasion, the hosts continued to cooperate with the aggressor.

They arranged deliveries through controlled foreign and Russian gasket firms.

It was these companies that sent the "order" to the Ukrainian manufacturer for the needs of a foreign state," says the announcement of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine.

It is reported that since February 24, components for at least 190 million hryvnias (more than 5 million dollars) have been delivered under this scheme.

After receiving strategic products, intermediaries sent them to the Russian Federation.

"In the course of investigative actions at the plant and in the offices of the concern, draft accounting documentation, passports, seals and stamps, cash and other materials confirming illegal activity were confiscated.

Passports of citizens of the Russian Federation were taken from one of the managers of the plant and his wife.

In addition, during searches of the "messengers" they found correspondence of the accused justifying Russian aggression, such as "poor Russians, they were led and forced", "Ukraine will be taken by the Russian Federation by the end of 2023", etc., the Prosecutor General's Office reported.

It is also reported that the property of the concern has been seized, including two factories in Sumy and Poltava, a shopping center in Sumy, a number of apartments in Kiev, luxury cars, the total value of which is more than one billion hryvnias (more than 27 million dollars).

Seizure of corporate rights and funds on accounts has also been initiated.

Recently, Ukrainian law enforcement officers often report the seizure of cash and property of companies and enterprises whose beneficiaries are representatives of the Russian Federation and Belarus.