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New Delhi:

Four months of service after a long training.

During this, salary was also received on time every month.

Manoj Kumar was sure that he was actually serving in the Indian Army.

He also has an appointment letter and an ID card.... but they all turned out to be fake.

Actually, Manoj Kumar was a victim of forgery.

Police has arrested 2 people who committed fraud on the pretext of giving jobs in such army.

Actually, a new forgery has been revealed in the name of army job in Meerut.

Taking 16 lakh rupees from a young man named Manoj Kumar, he was given a fake appointment in the Territorial Army.

The young man was working in the army for the last 4 months i.e. till July.

Meanwhile, to fool him, fake salary was also added to his account.

Daurala police has arrested 2 youths on Monday night.

There is Manoj Kumar in this, with whom he was cheated.

The other youth is Rahul Singh of Manoj's identity.

Rahul is a resident of Muzaffarnagar, he created the game of fake job. 


Kumar, who raised questions on national security, used to believe till now that he was recruited in the army because of constable Rahul Singh.

Manoj Kumar did sentry duty in an army camp in Pathankot, Punjab for four months from July.

Manoj Kumar said that he had given Rs 8 lakh to Rahul Singh for the job.

Both are residents of western UP.

In 2019, both had met at a recruitment rally.

Manoj Kumar was rejected then, while Rahul Singh got the job.

Rahul Singh had quit the army last month citing ill health.

It was around the same time that some jawans told Manoj Kumar that his papers were fake.

Military Intelligence was keeping an eye on this matter since then.

Meerut police on Tuesday arrested Rahul Singh, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, along with a person named Bittu, who had introduced himself as a senior army officer, while another accomplice, Raja Singh, is absconding.

Further details about Bittu and Raja Singh were not available in the FIR.

All three have been charged with cheating, forgery, assault and criminal conspiracy, among other charges.

This is how the forgery was done

Manoj Kumar, a resident of Muradnagar, Ghaziabad Surana, had met Rahul Singh in 2020.

Rahul was posted in the Territorial Army.

Rahul told Manoj that he is in the army.

Rahul had offered that he would also get Manoj and his brother admitted in the army.

Manoj gets involved in Rahul's words.

Rahul says that money will have to be given in the name of job.

Manoj agrees to give money considering Rahul as right.

The deal is fixed for Rs 16 lakh for the jobs of both the brothers.

Under the deal given in cash and account,

Manoj Kumar gives Rs 10 lakh in cash and Rs 6 lakh in account to Rahul Singh out of 16 lakh.

A few days after receiving the money, Rahul comes to Manoj and gives him the appointment letter.

It is said that congratulations, you have got a job in the army.

After a few days, Rahul also congratulates Manoj's brother Bhimchand by handing over a fake letter of job in the army.


does not get posting at present, but Rahul brings Manoj Kumar with him to the Territorial Army.

It is said that you have got posting along with me.

After this, Rahul Singh also gives fake ID card, uniform and letter to Manoj Kumar.

In this way, Manoj keeps on doing fake job in the army for the whole 4 months.

Not only this, 12 thousand rupees salary also kept coming in his account every month.

Such an open case

, one day Manoj Kumar showed his I-card to another soldier.

Another soldier caught the forgery and asked Manoj to run away.

Manoj was shocked to hear about the forgery.

Manoj immediately told Rahul that he cheated.

Money is cheated.

On Monday night, Daurala police station caught Manoj after seeing fake card, uniform, Rahul was also caught on Manoj's tahrir.

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