Li Yingwen, the candidate for the county magistrate, said that he would fight to the end and called on supporters to create infinite possibilities for Kinmen together. (Photographed by reporter Wu Zhengting)

[Reporter Wu Zhengting/Kinmen Report] The Li Clan Association, the second most surnamed in Kinmen County, recently issued an open letter internally, recommending to the clan relatives that all levels of the Li family can be elected as soldiers, but only for their own county magistrate candidate Li Yingwen, On the grounds that "tickets are limited", they will fully support the current county magistrate, Yang Zhenwu.

Li Yingwen emphasized today that he absolutely does not agree, accept, or agree with such an operation of the Clan Association. He will fight to the end and call on supporters to create infinite possibilities for Kinmen.

This "open letter" pointed out that in order to preserve the strength of Li's children in the political arena, a list of candidates from county councilors to town mayors and township representatives was issued; Tickets are limited and can't be higher. In order to continue the Li family's political power and love the Li family's children on the surface, I decided to fully support Yang Zhenwu, who currently takes care of many Li family children and has repeatedly supported the Li family's election as the county magistrate. Chang... and hope that Ying Wenzong can understand."

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The signatories are Li Jinzan, Chairman of the Li Clan Association of Kinmen County, Li Zhengteng, Chairman of the Li Clan Association of Guning, Li Xiyu, Chairman of the Li Clan Association of Jincheng Town, Li Renchuan, Chairman of the Li Clan Association of Jinhu Town, Jinsha Township Li Junkuan, chairman of Shanxi Li Clan Association.

An elder of the Li family pointed out that the text was originally posted in the Li family's internal mobile phone community, but it soon leaked out, triggering "bailout talk" from the outside world, and many supporters jumped out to complain about Li Yingwen.

When Li Yingwen was interviewed, he was looking for votes in Shanxi Village, the headquarters of the Li family in Jinsha Town. He was surprised and asked, "Is it necessary to do such an operation for the election?"

Li Yingwen said that cutting him on the basis of "limited votes" is a conflict of interests or an exchange of power?

Does it show the mentality of the superior and the power holder?

He believes that the eyes of voters are discerning.

He said, how many times does the clan association say that it will actively cultivate the new generation of the clan, does this cutting make people feel chilling and fearful?

Worried that under the entanglement of power and interests, which new generation or new generation would dare to participate in politics again?

I'm afraid that if he is easily sacrificed as a pawn, there will definitely be a "chilling effect"; should no one from the Li family run for election in the future?

"Shouldn't it be good for them all to be long-term workers?"

Li Yingwen clarified that there are rumors that he has exchanged terms with other people. He emphasized that he has never exchanged terms with any camp, and everything is groundless; I also do not agree with exchanging elections for personal interests and power.

He questioned whether this statement of the clan association is the personal will of the directors?

Or is it a legal procedure to convene a general meeting to pass it?

If I express my personal will, can I represent the members of the clan association?

This statement caused a lot of backlash, and some supporters believed that the timely statement of concentrated votes could show the unity of the Li family; some soldiers said that the statement was only for internal reference of the Li family, and did not expect that the leak would cause a topic.

Li Jinzan, chairman of the Kinmen Lee Clan Association, kept a low profile and declined to respond.

The outflow of an open letter from the Lee Clan Association in Kinmen sparked a topic.

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