Matthews, a Moscow-based media veteran, warned that if Putin's regime (pictured) falls, it will likely be replaced by a more aggressive nationalist.

(European News Agency)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] It has been about 8 months since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine. However, the Russian army retreated from Kherson, an important Ukrainian port city, in the middle of this month. The successive defeats have caused dissatisfaction within Moscow to grow. The outside world It also began to discuss whether the Putin regime may be overthrown. In this regard, Owen Matthews, a senior media person based in Moscow, warned in an exclusive interview with foreign media, "If the Putin regime collapses, it is likely to be a more aggressive nation. activists took over."

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Matthews accepted an exclusive interview with Sky News on the 22nd and said that Putin may not be able to avoid "military disasters on the ground" since the Ukrainian-Russian War has developed so far. For example, the Kremlin may have to be forced to return The land occupied in 2014 was given to Ukraine.

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When discussing the possible collapse of the Putin regime, Matthews warned, "If the Putin regime is overthrown, the successor will be more terrifying than him, presumably a more aggressive nationalist." He went on. In addition, Putin originally thought that the invasion of Ukraine would be quite easy, so he did not prepare for a protracted war in advance.

Vyacheslav Maltsev, a former Russian parliamentarian and radical opposition figure, met with several anti-Russian figures in Poland earlier this month to discuss plans to overthrow Putin. Putin’, which would likely lead to a civil war, but not as bloody as the one in Ukraine.” However, some members of the opposition group opposed the execution of the assassination plan and suggested that Putin should be referred to the International Court of Justice for war crimes trial.