Taichung Mayor Cai Qichang (left) started a motorcade to sweep the streets in the rain.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] The election campaign is approaching. The mayoral candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party of Taichung, Cai Qichang, braved the rain this morning to launch a sea line motorcade to sweep the streets. The interview pointed out that Lu Xiuyan of Taichung City claimed today that the citizens of Taichung are the biggest fans. Cai Qichang questioned that Lu Xiuyan only went to other counties and cities for auxiliary elections, and it was only 3 days before the voting that she found out that the citizens were the biggest fans.

In response to the media asking Lu Xiuyan this morning that President Tsai Ing-wen went to Taichung to assist Cai Qichang in the election 11 times, Lu Xiuyan said, "They have President Tsai, and we have citizens. Citizens are big names, and citizens are our backers."

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Cai Qichang said that Lu Xiuyan did not ask the citizens of Taichung, but only went to other places to ask. Is this the performance of the biggest citizen?

He has said many times that the citizens are the biggest fans. To be the mayor of Taichung is to ask the citizens of Taichung. He asked, "Mayor Lu, from the beginning of the election to the present, have you seriously asked the citizens of Taichung?" You still want to chase the president. Dream, so I went all over Taiwan to ask people from other counties and cities, not to the citizens of Taichung. It is a pity that Mayor Lu found out only 3 days before the vote that the citizens of Taichung are the biggest fans.

Some media asked Lu Xiuyan, and the green camp kept proposing the mayor of the county and district. Lu Xiuyan said that Taichung County and City have been merged for more than 10 years. They are a family, and they are all Taichung citizens. Don’t separate them from each other. It is not good to provoke division like this; Cai Qichang responded to this , it is Mayor Lu who divides the citizens. In the past four years, Daqing Station has been extended to Wuri, Daqing is the original urban area, and Wuri is the original county district. People feel that the elevated road only reaches the original Taichung City, which has an impact on the parking problem in Wuri District.

Cai Qichang cited the delay of the Dongfeng Expressway, the lack of support for the double-track elevated Haixian Railway, the delay in the opening of the Ocean Ecological Museum, and the lack of a statue of Mazu in the Haixian Mazu Park after 4 years.

He questioned "Mayor Lu, these problems are caused by you, making the citizens of the original county feel marginalized and not respected and valued." If the people in the original county did not feel marginalized, no one would raise such a question. His proposition is very clear. The urban area will continue to improve, and the counties will catch up. People in the original counties and districts will not feel that they are different from the urban areas after the merger. He said that this is the responsibility of the mayor. If the mayor does not do well, The mayor marginalizes the counties and districts, and only then will there be such slogans and aspirations in the counties and districts, and let the people in the counties and districts become mayors once to see.