Female A claimed to use the dating app to make an appointment with the "male PR" for a report.

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[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] Female college student A in Tainan City has taken a course of "Mind Twisting". The final report is to find friends of the opposite sex on dating apps and record how the other party asks for private contact information. , and chatted for two weeks with a "male publicist" pretending to be a fraudulent group. When the other party made an appointment to meet, he threatened to kill woman A's house if she didn't buy 30,000 yuan points as a deposit. Fortunately, the police stopped her; the police told woman A , This sacrifice is too great for the report. It would be great if the teacher reminded that there are many fraudulent groups on the dating app.

Female A, who has just grown up this year, claims to be the final report of her elective courses before she downloads the Chinese dating app Tantan, but he does not know that many scammers will hide in this dating app, using pictures of handsome men and beautiful women to seduce victims If you are fooled, you will threaten the victim to buy points. When the gangsters cheat the serial number of the game points, they will block the victim. These points will eventually flow to the game trading platform and be sold at a low price. Who is behind the game? It's hard to track down.

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The police pointed out that the case of woman A is a very typical point fraud. In the past, most of the victims were men. The gangsters would pretend to be women and claim that they want to pay for sex, and deceive the other party to buy the store number as a sex transaction fee. The recent "male public relations" fraud case There are also many, usually they will use some pictures of beautiful men to chat with women, wait until the other party is willing to go out on a date, and then pack it with the excuse that "the company needs to collect a deposit first", asking the female victim to buy points first, if the victim hesitates, the male publicist will again They will sweet talk, deceive the other party to promise to return it, or threaten the other party that if they do not pay the deposit, they will find someone to hurt the victim.

When the "male publicist" asked female A to meet, she didn't know that it was a fraudulent group, and thoughtfully wanted to help him buy a drink. She didn't feel strange until the other party asked her to pay a deposit, but ignored him, and the "male publicist" again Passed some bloody threatening photos. At that time, she claimed that her father was also a "traveler", and it was normal to pay a deposit. In fact, she was afraid, and spent a month's living expenses to buy points. After the supermarket notified her, the police successfully stopped A. living expenses of 30,000 yuan.

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