Since the beginning of Russia's large-scale military invasion of Ukraine, more than 6,500 civilians have died.

This is reported by the UN Office for Human Rights.

"From February 24, 2022, when the armed attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine began, to November 20, 2022, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights recorded

16,784 cases of death or injury of civilians in Ukraine: 6,595 dead and 10,189 wounded

," it is noted. in the document.

It is noted that among the dead: 2,575 men, 1,767 women, 172 girls and 206 boys, as well as 37 children and 1,838 adults, whose gender is still unknown.

Among the 10,189 wounded: 2,212 men, 1,579 women, 211 girls and 299 boys, as well as 245 children and 5,643 adults, whose gender is still unknown.

The majority of recorded civilian casualties were caused by the use of wide-area explosive weapons, including heavy artillery and rocket launchers, as well as rocket and airstrikes.

"UNHCR believes that the real numbers are much higher, as there are delays in receiving information from some places where intense fighting is ongoing, and many reports from places where civilian casualties are reported still need to be confirmed," - emphasized in the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

We will remind you that on February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine

, carrying out a series of missile and air strikes on our cities, in particular on Kyiv.

The large-scale invasion is now in its 272nd day (8 years of war).

The occupiers continue to destroy Ukrainian villages, towns and cities with cruise missiles and aerial bombs, killing civilians and causing devastating damage to infrastructure.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue the counteroffensive and liberate the occupied settlements, where after the deoccupation the whole world sees the consequences of the enemy's actions and the war crimes committed by the Russian Federation against the civilian population.

In particular, mass burials.

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