7-year-old Ukrainian Daria Shirina was saved from "Undina's curse" by Polish doctors in Gdańsk.

This is reported by polsatnews.

In Poland, they helped a little girl from Ukraine with a rare lesion of the respiratory centers called "Undine syndrome".

Polsat Foundation financed the emergency surgery that saved Daria's life.

It cost half a million zlotys.

"This operation was unattainable for us, we didn't even dream about it," said the mother of 7-year-old Daria, Iryna Shirina, with tears in her eyes.

The operation will allow the girl to breathe.

Until now, she had to sleep on a ventilator, which could stop working at any moment due to power outages after the Russian attacks.

Doctors led by a Swedish neurosurgeon, who has been saving patients from "Undine's curse" for many years, inserted a phrenic nerve stimulator into the girl.

The stimulator implanted in the child will be started in a month, when the postoperative wounds will heal.

We will remind that

in the Mechnikov hospital in Dnipro, they saved the life of 28-year-old defender Andriy for more than 10 hours.

He was hit by a landmine and suffered multiple injuries and lost a lot of blood.

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