Shen Huihong, candidate for mayor of the Democratic Progressive Party of Hsinchu City, carried out car sweeps three times a day. Lin Feifan, deputy secretary-general of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, also accompanied the car sweeper today and praised: Shen Huihong participated in the whole process of the glorious achievements of Hsinchu City.

(Photo by reporter Hong Meixiu)

[Reporter Hong Meixiu/Hsinchu Report] Shen Huihong, the candidate for mayor of the DPP Hsinchu City, has recently swept through the convoy. Today (22nd), she invited Lin Feifan, the deputy secretary-general of the DPP, to accompany her to the streets and alleys of Hsinchu City, striving for the support of all citizens. Agreed, the two were warmly welcomed by the public along the way, and they made 5 gestures one after another to cheer them on.

Lin Feifan said that the election campaign is at its final juncture. The achievements of Hsinchu City in the past eight years are obvious to all. The transformation of Hsinchu City is not only the efforts of the former mayor Lin Zhijian. Municipal achievements should be preserved. In the final stage of the election campaign, I hope citizens and friends will stand up together and support the outstanding Shen Huihong.

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Shen Huihong said that Lin Feifan is a guest who has been watching the live broadcast of the car sweeping. Netizens have been knocking on the bowl and looking forward to it. Today, I invited him to come to Hsinchu to do the car sweeping together to win the support of the Hsinchu citizens. In 4 days, the voting day will be, and she will continue to take steps one step at a time. , earnestly strive for the support of the citizens, and hope that the owner of the city will give her support so that she can continue to serve the city and all citizens.