The study found high levels of VOCs in all organic pad samples.

New Delhi:

Major sanitary napkins sold in India have found high levels of chemicals that are linked to cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and cancer, according to a study conducted by a Delhi-based NGO.

Phthalates and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been found in a total of ten samples of sanitary napkins in a study by NGO 'Toxic Link'.

These included samples of six inorganic (inorganic) and four organic (organic) sanitary pads available in the market.

Phthalate exposure has been linked to a variety of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and birth defects.

VOCs pose a risk of problems like brain disorders, asthma, disability, some types of cancer etc.

According to the study, high amount of phthalates were found in all types of sanitary napkins, organic, inorganic.

The study also says that it was surprising to find high levels of VOCs in all organic pad samples, as organic pads were believed to be safe until now.

According to the study, during menstruation, women should use such safe products which are helpful in doing their daily activities without any physical hindrance.

At present, disposable sanitary pads are most popular all over the world.

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