Yu Bangyan, deputy speaker of the KMT's Hsinchu City Council, posted on Facebook yesterday that he would "abandon Lin Gengren and protect Gao Hongan." Wang Dan said that from Yu Bangyan's approach, the central idea of ​​the KMT election can be pointed out, which is the word "hatred".

The picture shows Yu Bangyan going to Gao Hongan's campaign party.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Yu Bangyan, deputy speaker of the Hsinchu City Council of the KMT, posted on Facebook yesterday that he would "abandon Lin Gengren and protect Gao Hong'an", which aroused political discussion; as for whether Yu Bangyan's move violated discipline, the KMT expressed that it needed to clarify.

Pro-democracy activist Wang Dan posted on Facebook that the central idea of ​​the Kuomintang election can be pointed out from Yu Bangyan's actions, which is the word "hate".

Wang Dan pointed out that if you look carefully at Yu Bangyan's speech, you can't see him discussing municipal affairs, nor can you see that he respects the discipline of the Kuomintang. To join the party, he will do whatever it takes.

Wang Dan also questioned: "How much hatred is this?"

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In this regard, Wang Dan also emphasized: "A political party with only hatred in its heart, once in power, will not be a blessing to the people in any country."

Yu Bangyan pointed out on Facebook yesterday that Lin Gengren mistrusted some flatterers, made serious problems and mistakes in decision-making, and made enemies everywhere. In order to delist the Democratic Progressive Party, he hoped that the public would vote for "Gao Hongan", and claimed that only Gao Hongan can delist the DPP join the party.