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What a day today is in Ukraine and the world

Since 2017, the

Day of Dignity and Freedom

has been celebrated in Ukraine every year on November 21 .

This national holiday is extremely important for every Ukrainian.

Its purpose is to confirm the aspirations of the citizens of Ukraine for democracy, justice, and freedom and to approve the movement towards the future in Europe.

It is especially important today, when Russian troops have launched a full-scale war in Ukraine.

The holiday points to two fateful events in the life of Ukrainians - the Orange Revolution of 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity in 2013.

The "Orange Revolution" began after gross violations during the presidential election process of Ukraine, when the results were falsified.

Ukrainians were dissatisfied and outraged by Viktor Yanukovych's desire to seize power illegally.

Therefore, supporters of another candidate, Viktor Yushchenko, began to go to rallies.

Protests took place not only in the main square of the country, but also in all cities.

Euromaidan / Photo:

The "Revolution of Dignity" took place exactly 9 years after Pomarancheva.

This time, the citizens were dissatisfied with the decision of the Cabinet to stop the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU.

The first protesters began to take to the streets of Kyiv on November 21.

In response to the rally, the authorities used force.

After that, protests flooded all the cities of the country.

Protesters did not leave Maidan Nezalezhnosti during the winter of 2013-2014. The bloodiest events occurred on February 18-20, when dozens of Euromaidans were killed by sniper fire.

Now they are known under the common name "Heavenly Hundred".

On November 21, Ukraine celebrates

the Day of Airborne Assault Troops of the Armed Forces


The holiday appeared in 2017, when the name of the airborne troops was changed to the airborne assault troops.

Today, they are a separate part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, take an active part in the ATO/OO zone, as well as in special and peacekeeping operations.

An interesting fact

is that Zhytomyr is considered the capital of the airborne assault troops of Ukraine.

It is here that the training center and the deployed command of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are located.

In other countries, November 21 is celebrated as

World Fisheries Day


Various fishing communities, unions and associations take part in events dedicated to this day.

The world also celebrates

World Television Day


The event was founded by the United Nations in 1996.

The date was chosen in honor of the first UN World Television Forum, which took place on November 21.

The main mission of this holiday is to inform society about the role played by TV in the development and promotion of peace.

November 21 - World Greeting Day or Hello Day / Photo: Pexels

World Greetings Day or Hello Day is

celebrated every year on November 21


The holiday was started by brothers Michael and Brian McComack in 1973.

The action was invented to show a protest against the "cold war" and the tension that existed between people of different countries.

The brothers sent letters with postcards to different parts of the planet with this request: everyone who wants to join in the celebration should also send postcards to 10 other people.

November 21 —

European Cystic Fibrosis Day.

November 21 is also an unofficial holiday -

the Day without Music


It was founded in 2005 by a musician and music producer from Scotland, Bill Drummond.

On this day, he wants to draw attention to the fact that in the modern world music has ceased to be a work of art and is devalued too much.

The date was chosen as the closest to the Catholic church holiday of the memory of Cecilia of Rome.

She was a patron of classical music.

What a church holiday today

November 21 in the church calendar - St. Michael's Day, Archangel Michael Cathedral / Photo:

November 21, according to the religious calendar, is

Saint Michael's Day, Archangel Michael Cathedral


The holiday was popularly called "

Michael's Day


The term "cathedral" means a gathering of all the holy angels, headed by Archstrategist Michael, who is the Heavenly Leader.

The name Michael is translated as "like God".

Archangel Michael is depicted on icons in military armor, with a spear or a sword, with which he strikes the dragon.

Biblical scriptures claim that Michael is the only angel who was able to resist Lucifer and even throw him out of heaven.

Since that time, he is considered the closest angel to God.

He presides over other angels and is the protector of all those unjustly wronged or deceived.

Archangel Michael is a common symbol of heraldry.

In Ukraine, it symbolizes the Kyiv region, as well as the Transnistrian Ukraine.

Also, on November 21,

the Introduction to the Church of the Most Holy Theotokos

is celebrated .

The Blessed Virgin Mary was born to the righteous Joachim and Anna.

They were childless and therefore made a vow that if they had a child, they would give it to the service of the Jerusalem temple.

Their prayers were heard and the Lord gave them a daughter.

When Maria was three years old, her parents gave her to the temple in the hands of high priest Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist.

It was here that she stayed until she got engaged to Yosif Obruchnyk.

Name day: how to name a child born on November 21

What are the names today: Mykhailo, Mykhailyna.

The talisman of people born on November 21 is a



This gem is considered quite rare and expensive.

Used in jewelry.

It is believed that zircon is a symbol of creative nature, and also knows how to expose liars.

Born on this day:

  • 1694 - philosopher, writer, Voltaire.

  • 1830 - ethnographer, public figure, Andrii Markevich.

  • 1896 - composer, Mykhailo Verikyvskyi.

  • 1916 - actor and director, Yaroslav Helyas.

  • 1952 - People's Artist of Ukraine, illustrator, Serhiy Yakutovych.

  • 1965 - actress, songwriter, singer and composer, Bjork.

  • 1985 - singer from Canada, Carly Rae Jepsen.

What can not be done on this day

  • On November 21, our ancestors did not wash their heads, so as not to "wash away the whole mind."

  • It was believed that Mykhailo can be offended if he chops, cuts with a knife or weaves.

    That's why they didn't do it.

  • On November 21, you couldn't raise your voice, fight.

    The holiday was used as a day of reconciliation.

  • You cannot refuse help to those in need.

  • If you do the work for selfish purposes, Mykhailo will punish you.

  • Our ancestors tried not to do hard work on November 21.

Folk signs and traditions

If there is frost on the trees all day on November 21, there will be snowfall / Photo: Pexels

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day:

  • To hear the church bell to trouble.

  • We looked at what day it is today: if it's clear outside, freezing cold will soon come.

  • On the morning of November 21, there will be frost on the trees - the winter will be snowy.

  • If there is wet snow on St. Michael's Day, wait for a wet spring.

  • If there is frost on the trees all day on November 21, there will be snowfall.

  • If you had a good dream, you couldn't tell it because it wouldn't come true.

  • It was believed that a person born on November 21 will be happy.

On November 21, our ancestors turned to Archangel Michael with a request for protection from evil, evil people, enemies and dark forces.

Earlier on this day, large festivities were held that could last several days.

And all because the Christmas fast begins very soon after that and the ancestors tried to eat to their heart's content.

As with other church holidays, many customs and rites are associated with November 21.

For example, it was not allowed to dig the ground.

There was also an interesting omen: the first person to enter the house will be the one who brings good or evil (depending on the person's intentions and character).

Traditionally, St. Michael's Day was associated with the beginning of winter.

There was even a belief: one of the six brothers who divided heaven, earth and the whole world among themselves.

Michael had to manage the dead souls.

In Russia, November 21 was considered the final day of the wedding season.

Therefore, the girls who did not find their destiny were very sad.

And they also performed a ceremony so that the loved one would come sooner in the coming year.

On Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday, the girls bought flour and baked a cake at night on November 21.

In the morning, they carried pastries to the temple and prayed.

Commemorative dates of November 21

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for November 21:

  • 1783 - the first manned hot air balloon rises over Paris;

  • 1806 — Napoleon declared a "continental blockade" of Great Britain;

  • 1831 - the first ever proletarian demonstration under the slogans "Live working or die fighting" takes place at the Lyon factory due to a decrease in the wages of weavers;

  • 1877 - Thomas Edison invents the phonograph;

  • 1916 - the twin ship "Titanic" - "Britannic" sank;

  • 1918 — Polish government is established in Lviv, the UNP moves to Ternopil;

  • 1920 — the UNR army crosses the Zbruch River, where it was interned in camps;

  • 1921 — near the city of Bazar, 359 captured Ukrainian soldiers were shot by the Bolsheviks;

  • 1947 — the establishment of the Pan-American Ukrainian Conference in New York;

  • 1962 - US President John Kennedy lifts the embargo on Cuba;

  • 2004 — the second round of presidential elections takes place in Ukraine, at 8:40 p.m. Viktor Yushchenko's supporters start a protest, which begins the "Orange Revolution";

  • 2013 — The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, headed by Mykola Azarov, decided to suspend the process of preparing for the conclusion of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

    It was after this that the "Revolution of Dignity" broke out.

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