After closing the curtain on the APEC 2022 stage with relief.

Thai politics returned to the last curve before the dissolution of the National Assembly.

Prime Minister Uncle Tu said that after closing the APEC job, he would clearly reveal his own political future.

"Mother Luk Chan" pointed out that at this minute Prime Minister Uncle Tu has 2 options!!

1, Announcement to wash hands in a golden basin

After a long monopoly of power for 8 years

I'd rather get off the back of the tiger now than risk going forward at the end of the alley.

Because if you can't defend the championship

will lose a lot of fish

2, Announcement to go through the nuts to the end of the line

Because there is still half a term left on the visa

Still confident that Uncle Tu's fans will definitely support him to come back as prime minister for the 3rd round

Plus, there are 250 senators on hand!!

"Mother Luk Chan" believes that Prime Minister Uncle Tu has chosen to continue for another 2 years.

But there are still two issues to decide.

Will still settle in Palang Pracharat Party with

"Uncle Pom, big brother, 3 years old"?

Or will withdraw the house pillar to join the Thai Ruam Party to build its own nation??

How will Prime Minister Uncle Tu plan the future??

...must wait to hear it from Uncle Tu himself!!

But if listening to the public opinion poll results of "Nida Poll" will make "Prime Minister Uncle Tu" see the political picture after the election more clearly.

"Nida Poll" has surveyed the opinions of people in the Northern, Northeastern, Southern, Central and Bangkok provinces in 69 provinces.

There are still the last 8 provinces in the eastern region that "Nida Poll" has just finished surveying the day before yesterday.

It appears that people in the eastern region will support No. 1, Ms. Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra, Pheu Thai Party, 25.09 percent.

2nd place, Mr. Phitha Limcharoenrat, Kao Klai Party, 16.64 percent

3rd place, General Prayut Chan-o-cha 13.64 percent

"Mae Luk Chan" summarizes the results from the Nida Poll survey.

Nong Ung Ing, daughter of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, dominates the northern, northeastern, central and eastern regions.

but fell to the 2nd place in the south and slid to the 3rd place in Bangkok

Mr. Phitha, Head of the Kao Klai Party, leading the number 1 only on the Bangkok field.

Ranked number 2 in the North, Northeast, East and Central regions

but fell to the 3rd place in the southern field, the only field

As for Prime Minister Uncle Tu

Still leading the top 1 in the south and ranks 2nd in the Bangkok stadium

but dropped to rank 3 in the northern, northeastern, central and eastern groups

according to the latest Nida Poll survey results

When comparing pounds for pounds, “Aung Ing” leads “Uncle Tu” by more than one range!!

In addition, there is "Phitha" as another throated devil.

The chance that "Uncle Tu" will speed up to overtake the sign

It's definitely not easy!!

Although there are 250 more senators dragged to clean up the rattlesnake waiting to vote for Uncle Tu to become prime minister

But if you don't get the voice of more than 250 MPs, Uncle Tu sits in the Prime Minister's chair for less than 3 months, and the cake is overturned in the middle of the House of Assembly!!

The next round of elections is not easy. Yom.

"Mother of the Moon"