The Burgas police are looking for the owner of a large sum of money found by the burglar in the area of ​​the Opera House, reports the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

The banknotes were found on October 25 and immediately handed over to the police, but so far no one has looked for them.

A citizen came across the find near the "Social Assistance" office on "Vasil Aprilov" Street. 

The police in Haskovo are looking for the owner of the found money

"We are deliberately not stating the exact amount, nor what it was found in - a wallet, an envelope or something else.

This is what we expect to learn from the owner," said Burgas police spokeswoman Tsvetelina Randeva, quoted by BTA. 

The person who lost the money can get it back from the officer on duty at the first RU - Burgas at 15 Georgi Kirkov Street," she pointed out. 

a large sum of money

found money