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The head of the Russian state company "Rosatom", Alexei Likhachev, warned today that there is a risk of a nuclear accident at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, after it came under fire again at the weekend, Reuters reported. 

"The plant is exposed to the risk of a nuclear accident. We have been negotiating with the International Atomic Energy Agency" (IAEA) all night, Likhachev said.

The IAEA's proposed security zone around the plant would only be possible with US approval, he added.

"Rosenergoatom": The Zaporizhzhia NPP was subjected to shelling from the Ukrainian side

"I think that the distance between Washington and Zaporozhye should not be an argument for the US to delay the decision to create a security zone," Likhachev said.

According to the head of Rosatom, Kyiv is ready to "accept a small nuclear incident" at the nuclear plant.

"This will be a precedent that will forever change the course of history. Therefore, everything possible must be done so that no one even thinks of endangering the security of the nuclear plant," he pointed out. 

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia NPP