The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the militant Said Zakayev in the fall.

He has been fighting against Ukraine since 2014 and mocked local patriots in occupied Donetsk. 

This was reported by public activist Serhiy Sternenko and confirmed by an alleged relative of the occupier. 

Said Zakayev was famous for taking a picture with Iryna Dovgan, a resident of Donetsk, who was tied to a post in 2014.

The militants mocked her because of her pro-Ukrainian views. 

Tetyana Skrebenkova, a probable relative of Zakayev, confirmed the liquidation of the occupier.

According to preliminary data, it was neutralized on October 31, but it became known only now. 

Photo: Photo from social networks

The story of Iryna Dovgan 

In Donetsk, a Ukrainian patriot was tied to a pole after 

the "parade of evil", during which Ukrainian prisoners were led through the streets of Donetsk


Users of social networks write that the woman simply approached the checkpoint of terrorists with the flag of Ukraine and stood there.

Militants and local separatists wrapped Iryna Dovgan in a blue-yellow flag and hung a sign on her saying "She is killing our children. Agent of the Punishers."

The militants convinced that the woman is a spy who directs the fire of Ukrainian artillery.

Like, everything that will happen to her in the future - she deserved it.

Then in Donetsk, inappropriate people got out of their cars to spit at a woman, hit her in the face and throw tomatoes at her.

Then the woman was rescued from Russian captivity.

In an interview with TSN, the woman said that separatists and militants then tortured her and robbed her house. 

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