Lukashenka is confined within the narrow limits of Belarusian topics.

The wide international arena beckons him, he claims the status of a world-class politician.

Therefore, he periodically comments on various events in the world.

And the more he finds himself in international isolation, the more often he tries to somehow draw attention to himself.

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And now he threw himself into conspiracy theories and explained the appearance of the rocket on Polish territory as a treacherous conspiracy between Poland and Ukraine: "We need to answer elementary questions.

Why exactly during the summit "twenty" suddenly attacked the NATO state, as it was originally presented.

You know, I'm afraid to draw conclusions, but it seems like such a mess that there is nowhere to go.

But they miscalculated a little - people died.

And the Poles need to answer to their own population.

The leadership of Poland needs to answer before the Poles, how could this happen, why they hit the territory of Poland, who agreed, why the rocket suddenly turned from east to west and flew away.

And why did they shoot at that moment, when there were no Russian missiles in the air.

There were no rockets at that moment.

These questions need to be answered, and everything will become clear."

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Lukashenka has already understood the meaning of this "contract".

It follows from his reasoning that this was a provocation made by Poland and Ukraine in order to use it to involve NATO in a conflict with Russia.

Why did she fail?

And here is the most interesting thing.

According to Lukashenka's version, the provocation ("deal") failed because the United States opposed it: "Well done.

Joe Biden - to his credit, he sincerely said: "Sorry, not a Russian (rocket. - Author)."

However, this conspiracy version has one inconsistency.

According to the official Russian and Belarusian ideological narrative, Poland and Ukraine are non-independent states, puppets.

They are highly dependent on the US, blindly follow orders from Washington and are not capable of any autonomous actions.

Lukashenko talked about it many times.

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How Lukashenka will save his regime from inevitable changes

And now it turns out that Warsaw and Kyiv independently, without coordinating with the United States, made a "deal".

Moreover, in a matter that is strategic - NATO's war with Russia.

That's why it's one of two.

Either the thesis about the non-independence and puppet status of Poland and Ukraine is a cheap propaganda product, or this version of Lukashenka about the "dealer" is crumbling.

But the main thing is not even that.

Such reasoning of Lukashenka could be looked upon condescendingly, if it were not for the full-scale aggression of Russia against Ukraine, in which Belarus is directly involved.

Against the background of the fact that rockets periodically fly from the territory of Belarus to Ukrainian cities and villages, spreading the story about one rocket that accidentally flew into Poland looks cynical.

"They need to provoke us, they need an escalation," Lukashenka says, exposing the "secret springs of Western politics."

Against the background of the unprovoked bloody war that Russia is waging in Ukraine, it looks completely inappropriate.

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