Lithuania announced the transfer of a new package of military aid to Ukraine.

It will include 155-mm shells and winter uniforms for the Armed Forces. 

This was announced on Facebook by the Minister of Defense of Lithuania, Arvydas Anushauskas. 

"Ammunition for the 155-mm artillery, which is desperately needed at the front, will be transferred. The Defense Resources Agency of the Ministry of Defense has signed contracts with manufacturers to restore these stocks. There will be more support, but we cannot announce everything," the Lithuanian Defense Minister emphasized. 

Arvydas Anusauskas added that his country will provide the Armed Forces with military winter uniforms and announced the signing of a contract with defense companies to supply the Armed Forces with ammunition in 2023.

1,500 Ukrainian military personnel will undergo training in Lithuania. 

"Lithuania will also contribute to the international fund for financing heavy armored vehicles, their production or modernization and acquisition. So, if anything, there will be tanks handed over to Ukrainians at our expense," Anusauskas wrote.

Military assistance to Ukraine in the fight against the Russian invaders 

According to the results of "Ramstein-7", Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin announced that Ukraine will receive military aid packages from Sweden and Canada, additional HAWK air defense systems from Spain, and ammunition from Poland, Germany and Greece.

Great Britain will provide Ukraine with a new package of military anti-aircraft aid, which will include 120 special anti-aircraft guns and anti-drone equipment.

Finland will transfer to Ukraine a new package of defense equipment in the amount of 

55.6 million euros 

- such a decision was made by the country's president Sauli Niinisto on November 17 in response to the government's proposal.

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