The daughter of Yilan County Mayor Lin Zimiao burst into tears at Lin's campaign, playing the sad card; Democratic Progressive Party county magistrate candidate Jiang Congyuan (middle) lamented that it is the county people who should cry, how can there be a corrupt county magistrate?

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Jiang criticizes Lin for calling out grievances every time before the election, provoking political pursuit and judicial persecution. Voters will have wise judgments

[Reporter You Mingjin/Yilan Report] KMT Yilan County Mayor Lin Zimiao, who is running for re-election, and her daughter Lin Yiling were prosecuted for corruption and other crimes. Lin Yiling was at Lin Zimiao's campaign the day before yesterday, crying and complaining that her family had been monitored for four years and bullied by the state machine.

Jiang Congyuan, candidate for county magistrate of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that Lin Zimiao played the sad card again, which is really ironic. She and her daughter were prosecuted for four major crimes, which made Yilan a mess. It is the people of Yilan County who should be sad and cry!

How can there be a corrupt county magistrate?

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Jiang: Lin Sued for Corruption Involves Civil Servants

Jiang Congyuan launched a motorcade sweeping trip in Yuanshan, Jiaoxi and other places yesterday. He said in an interview with the media that Lin Zimiao’s family members shed tears before the election. , Lin Zimiao was prosecuted for four major crimes including embezzlement for profit, and her children were also involved in the case. Yilan was made like this by their family, and many civil servants were also prosecuted. As a result, her daughter shed tears for Lin Zimiao's platform. Are the people of Yilan County more sad?

Or is her family more tragic?

Is it the people of Yi County who are going to cry, or the Lin Zimiao family?

"Don't cry, don't cry, tears are pearls." Jiang Congyuan also posted on Facebook. He said that in the face of malicious smears, he suddenly said that he was a thief and a gangster. Make it clear, accept questions from reporters, and seek legal relief at the same time.

Jiang doesn't understand that Lin Mingming can make it clear at the political opinion meeting

Jiang Congyuan pointed out that he also has parents and children. When his opponents kept pouring dirty water on him, even though his family felt sorry for him, he knew that crying was useless. Innocence should be confronted and defended.

Jiang Congyuan said that it was ironic to see the Kuomintang candidate playing the sad card again. He could clearly explain it clearly in the political opinion meeting, but Lin Zimiao did not. He chose to continue to escape and then poured dirty water. Those who cried were the cronies her daughter commanded to cheat in the county magistrate's mansion, the civil servants who were sacrificed by them, and the family members of these civil servants. These civil servants were forced to break the law because of Lin Zimiao, but in the end Lin Zimiao cut her off from her daughter.

Jiang Congyuan said that Taiwan's democracy and the rule of law are becoming more and more mature. Lin Zimiao sheds tears every time before the election. Voters will have wisdom to judge. "Aobu", look at the fact that most of the people suspected of buying votes in Yilan County are KMT candidates. This is the use of Aobu to influence the election results.