Today is the annual World Hello Day.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Are you hello today?

Today (21st) is the annual World Hello Day. On this day, don’t forget to send a simple greeting to everyone, which can shorten the distance between people.

World Hello Day is said to have originated in 1973 after the Middle East War (Yom Kippur War), initiated by two American students in order to express the idea that "communication should be used to resolve disputes, not force", aiming to remind people to shorten the time between people and people. the distance between.

The way to celebrate is to say hello to at least 10 people on this day. The initiators wrote as many as 1,360 letters to world leaders, using 7 languages ​​to hope that all countries will participate in this festival.

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It is understood that at least 180 countries around the world are celebrating this festival, which can be said to be a day established to protect world peace.