Germany has offered Warsaw a Patriot missile defense system to help secure its airspace after a stray missile crashed into Polish territory near the border with Ukraine this week.

This was announced by the German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht to the "Reinische Post" and "General Anzeiger" newspapers.

After a missile killed two people in Poland near the Ukrainian border, there were fears among NATO countries that the war in Ukraine could spill over.

This is also the reason why the German government offered neighboring Poland help to monitor its airspace with German "Eurofighter" fighters.

"We have offered Poland to help with the safety of its airspace with our Eurofighters and the Patriot anti-missile system," said the German defense minister.

Warsaw: Evidence suggests blast in Poland was caused by errant Ukrainian missile

The missile that hit a Polish village and killed two people appears to have been fired by Ukrainian air defenses rather than Russian forces, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

During the Cold War, Germany had 36 Patriot installations.

Now the German armed forces have 12 such installations, two of which are located in Slovakia, BNR notes.



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