Russian Internet celebrity Yulia was deported by the German government.

(picture taken from twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A small number of pro-Russian people rejoiced at the atrocities committed by the Russian army during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was previously reported that Yulia Prokhorova, a Russian Internet celebrity living in Germany, was killed by Germany News of the raid by the federal police has now circulated on Twitter a video of her being deported by the German government.

The twitter account "@TpyxaNews" posted a video on PO. It can be seen that the woman in white in the video is the Russian Internet celebrity Yulia. She is dragging a suitcase, and there are 3 German policemen around. The account tweeted "Yulia, who previously insulted Ukrainian refugees, was deported by the German government."

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Russian Internet celebrity Yulia runs social media such as Telegram (Telegram) and Douyin, which are followed by 90,000 people. She often posts videos that promote Russia or insult, discriminate and hate Ukraine, except for videos that will be bombed in Ukraine In addition to singing and dancing, she will also go to the streets to look for Ukrainians and shoot videos that provoke and find fault with them. The German police previously raided her residence and confiscated her laptop and mobile phone.