The police traced the source and seized the main suspect surnamed Luo and Qiu suspect.

(Photographed by reporter Yao Yuehong)

[Reporter Yao Yuehong/Taipei Report] Luo Nan, a Xintang member of the Taoyuan area of ​​the Zhulian Gang, and three others were suspected of distributing poisonous coffee bags in a house near the Zhongli Night Market, and also used the heroine of the Japanese manga "Demon Slayer" "Nezuko" "Packaging, attracting young drug dealers in Taoyuan area to buy. During the period, Luo Nan was arrested for other crimes. The rest of the gang were afraid that the police would follow the line and moved to change drug manufacturing positions. The International Division of the Criminal Police Bureau received reports and arrested people for drug addiction. The suspect was handed over, and the investigation was concluded this month.

During the police search for evidence, Luo Nan was detained by the Taoyuan District Court for impairing freedom because of his involvement in gambling disputes. His friends, surnamed Chen and accomplices surnamed Qiu, were worried about the drug coffee bag distribution site near the former Zhongli Night Market. Fearing exposure, they shifted positions and hid drug coffee bags, raw materials, mixing tools, containers and equipment in another residential warehouse at the junction of Zhongli and Pingzhen, intending to avoid detection by the police.

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The police task force took the lead and grasped the new stronghold of the drug coffee bag distribution site. In April this year, the first wave of arrests and searches were carried out. The suspects were arrested and 2,860 bags of drug coffee bags and the fourth-level drug nitrate were seized at the rental house. The tools and utensils used in 4 bags of diazepam and mixed drug coffee bags were sent to the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office for re-examination after the suspect was questioned.

After digital forensics and evidence collection, it was found that the beneficiary behind the drug coffee bag distribution site was the principal suspect with the surname Luo, and the accomplice surnamed Qiu was also responsible for the distribution and warehouse management of the drug coffee bags. In July this year, the police executed the second wave of arrests. The main suspect named Luo and the accomplice named Qiu were investigated and transferred to the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office for investigation in accordance with the Drug Hazard Prevention Act. The investigation was concluded on the 8th of this month. The Criminal Bureau held a press conference today to announce the arrest .

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The police seized drugged coffee packets packaged by Nezuko, the heroine of the Japanese manga "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba".

(Photographed by reporter Yao Yuehong)

The police seized a total of 2,860 bags of drugged coffee bags and related mixing tools and utensils.

(Photographed by reporter Yao Yuehong)

The police seized drugged coffee bags and scales packaged with "Little Devil" and "007".

(Photographed by reporter Yao Yuehong)