The Russian


together with his relative complained about the fake reports of the Russian media about the war in Ukraine and real losses of Russian troops.

The relevant conversation was intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence, reports the Ministry of Defense.

One occupier said that a contract worker from his unit was killed yesterday, to which another replied: "But on TV, they are fucking: "Everything is awesome, everything is awesome.

They will whip one thing, it's maddening, because they don't want to watch the news.

They knocked out 2 BMPs or 5 BMPs, 2 tanks, 3 tanks... 300 mercenaries of the ZSU.

Damn it, you tell me how many of our people died.

"Say the fuck," says Rashist.

The occupier notes that there are rumors that 80,000 Russian soldiers have already died in Ukraine, to which the other replies: "Anything can happen. Anything can happen."

Also, during the conversation, the Rashists touched on the topic of mobilization, its pace and composition.

Losses of the Russian Federation

Since the beginning of the full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine, the Russian army has lost more than 8,000 units of various military equipment.

As of November 21, the total combat losses among the personnel of the Russian troops amount to about



The armed forces of Ukraine eliminated another 390 occupiers

over the past day 


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