The super final of the vocal show " Voice of the Country-12

" has just passed on the TET channel

, during which the name of the winner of the singing project became known.

Thus, according to the results of the audience voting, this year Maria Kvitka

, the protege of Andriy Matsola and Oleksandra Zaritska's team "Druhoi Chance" triumphed, 

with the song "



Four participants from the coaches' teams fought for the victory in the show: 

Vasyl Palyukh

from the Potap team, 

Davyd Maskisa

from the DOROFEEVA team, 

Serhii Solovyov

from the Ola Polyakova team and

Maria Kvitka

from the "Second Chance" team of national trainers Oleksandra Zaritskaya and Andriy Matsola.

This year, the super final took place in two stages.

In the first stage, all 16 finalists of the project performed, and in the second - only four.

Yes, the live broadcast began with the performance of the national anthem of Ukraine, which was sung by both star mentors and show participants.

Later, the performances of the trainee coaches began.

The first song performed by

Davyd Maskisa

was Skofka - "Hear the Anthem".

The vocalist came from the east of Ukraine, where he currently serves in the ranks of the Armed Forces and protects the country from the Russian invaders.

With his performance, Davyd Maskisa conquered the coach, who made her cry, and the audience, and got to the second stage.

After the performance of Nadia Dorofeeva's wards in the first stage, the audience was in for a surprise.


performed the song "Near Poplar"

on the stage of "Voice of the Country ".

From Potap's team to the second stage, a participant who made the star coach cry -

Vasyl Palyukh


The deacon movingly performed a composition by Taras Petrinenko entitled "Years fly by starfall".

Later, invited guests - children from the territories affected by Russian aggression - performed on the project stage.

The children's choir

GolDem kids

performed the song "From U to z" by the musician MONATIK.

Next in the first stage of the finals of "Voice of the Country" was the team of "Drugo Chance" of singer Oleksandra Zaritska.

Maria Kvitka

got to the next stage with the song "Bird"

and became the winner of the show.

After the performances of the members of the "Second Chance" team, " Ptashka

" from "Azovstal", paramedic

Kateryna Polishchuk

, performed on the "Voice of the Country" stage


On the stage of the show, the defender performed a lullaby - "Sleep, little Cossack."

It was this composition that she sang to the soldiers in the shelters of "Azovstal" during heavy battles.

Olya Polyakova's team finished last in the first stage.

The son of the defender of Mariupol, electrician

Serhii Solovyov

, made it to the second stage of the show .

The vocalist, who did not learn to sing professionally, performed a composition called "Sokolyata".

The surprises for the audience did not end there.

During the live broadcast, The Voice mentors from different countries of the world addressed the Ukrainians.

American singer

Gwen Stefani

was among them .

The second stage of the show began with the performance of Nadia Dorofeeva 's protégé,

Davyd Maskisa


In the finale of the project, Voyyskovy touchingly sang Scriabin's song "Sleep alone".

Potapa's protégé, Vasyl Palyukh

, appeared next on the stage of the show


In the second stage of the project, the deacon performed a song called "Love Ukraine".

Later, Maria Kvitka

performed on the stage of "Voice of the Country-12"

, who stunned with the performance of Taras Shevchenko's poetry, set to music.

So, in the second stage, the folklorist performed the sensual track "Roar and Moan" and later won the "Voice of the Country-12".

And last in the 12th season of "Voice of the Country" Ola Polyakova's protégé

Serhii Solovyov

performed with the song "Spring".

The band "


", which sang its composition MLNL, amused the audience with its number.

It should be noted that the winner of the twelfth season of "Voice of the Country" receives a super prize from the people's coach and philanthropist Andriy Matsola: a song recording, a music video and rotation in the media.

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