Russia has already begun to prepare for a possible coup d'état.

It states that "the adversary can use hypnosis and religion against the Federal Security Service." 

The Russian publication The Insider writes about this with reference to a secret document developed in the Kremlin. 

According to the publication, the Federal Security Service is preparing to protect dictator Putin in the event of a possible coup d'état.

They even developed four action algorithms there in the event of a threat to the Kremlin regime. 

As early as October 26, military equipment was brought to Moscow, and the FSO announced the holding of so-called "planned and tactical exercises to neutralize threats of terrorism and protect the facilities of higher authorities." 

In Russia, they fear that mass media, religious organizations, social networks and even hypnosis can be used against the Kremlin regime. 

The FSO offers to hold political talks with young specialists, to go to the temple collectively.

The Kremlin also claims that "the enemy has hypnotic abilities."

Also, in one of the points of the plan, there is a possibility of evacuating the families of high-ranking Russian officers from Moscow.

The Kremlin also fears that some FSO employees may be psychologically unstable, and they suggest sending them to hospitals. 

The deputy director of the FSO, General Oleksandr Komov, is directly responsible for the implementation of the plan.

According to a Kremlin security source, General Komov is not only hypervigilant, but also carefully listens to the advice of astrologers and psychics.

Will there be a coup in Russia?

Russian and foreign experts do not rule out that a real coup may occur in the aggressor state due to Russia's war against Ukraine.

American professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, political scientist Daniel Treisman believes that the complete collapse of Vladimir Putin's regime is a more likely option to remove him from power than an armed uprising of generals or a mutiny of Kremlin elites. 

A similar opinion is held by the Russian publicist and oppositionist Andriy Piontkovskyi.

This can happen due to the successes of the Armed Forces at the front. 

But the Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin said that removing Putin from outside is unrealistic.

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