Thupatemi Air Force Boxing Stadium, Don Mueang Monday, November 21 (today) is a boxing program.

Muay Thai Alliance

Organized by promoter Sommai Sakulmetta, odd boxing pair, JKN 18, broadcast live from 6:15 PM to 8:15 PM.

Donut Yo. Andaman (Won Chamuakphet Sitkamnaneng at Donmueang by points) strong boxing kick and punch

Fist thrust knee wrestling, strong hit, has always been motivated to win Pettanan Thor. Phran 47 (won score Sing Samrong (Sit Nai Anong) October 19, at Ratn.) Protracted clashes are secondary to the last 102 lbs.

Connecting ring (Child Muay Thai), Rambutan Bangkapi (won by points from Monchit Nonnaphat Muay Thai Gym in Don Mueang) Boxing, fighting, kicking, punching, punching knees, elbows, wrestling hard, having all the strength, cheering, better than winning Khwanchai Tong. Phatthalung (Won points by Sing Sor. Surin in Sakon Nakhon) Rhythm kick boxing

The fist pierced the knee, wrestled violently, but the surroundings were cheering, second to the last 117 years.

Khun Suek Lek, UEFA Boom Dexian (wins by TKO, Nuea Thara Jitmuangnon, round 3 in Samut Sakhon) boxing skill, kick, punch, punch the knee.

Elbow wrestling, strong hit, smart, fresh form, better physical condition, will win Ploy Rungphet (Third 99), Ngo Bangkapi (lost on Sunday, UEFA Boom Dexian at Ratn.) than

But the physical condition is inferior to the type of fun, 114 lbs.

Kaenphithak Naya Park View (wins points from Chatraploy Sor Poonsawat at Ratn.) Boxing, rhythmic kicks, punches, punches, knees, elbows, strong hits, smart, sharp, better than Chanarit (Nung Patapee, Lampang Sports School) ) Ajarn Kitkasem (wins points from Sak Lek, Cocoa Land, Chiang Rai)

in Samut Sakhon) Boxing is tough, kicks, punches, punches, punches, knees, elbows, wrestles violently, always with great enthusiasm, but the cornerstone is slower than 123 lbs.

Chai Sit Ajarn Bee