A new wave of officially announced mobilization in Russia may begin as early as

next month.

This will worsen the conditions for training Russian soldiers in conditions of overloaded bureaucratic and administrative resources, as well as problems with the provision of the army.

This was reported by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Experts say Russian officials are preparing for further covert mobilization efforts even as fall conscription continues, likely to further overwhelm Russia's already overburdened military formation apparatus in a way that would harm the development of mobilized servicemen.

They refer to information that was distributed by Russian Telegram channels on November 18.

Then a photo of a summons received by a resident of St. Petersburg with an order to appear before the military commissariat in January 2023 went viral.

The ISW notes that the continuation of covert mobilization efforts and potential preparation for a new mobilization wave, together with the current autumn draft cycle, will create additional problems for the Russian Federation.

“This will probably lead to an even lower quality of training for both mobilized recruits and conscripts, as they will receive an insufficient level of training.

Another wave of mobilization in the coming months will only worsen the situation and will probably worsen the overall quality of Russian troops, which will be directed to the front lines in Ukraine," says the report of the Institute for the Study of War.

We will remind you that Putin recently signed a decree according to which it is allowed to mobilize convicts in the Russian Federation.

From now on, the colonies will recruit not only for the "Wagner" PMK, but also for the regular Russian army.

However, as Mediazona reports, in September and October 2022, the number of prisoners in Russian correctional colonies

decreased by 23,000 people.

 The record reduction in the number of male prisoners coincides with recruitment in the colonies to participate in the war in the "Wagner" PMK detachments.

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