Residents of

Kherson Oblast

should evacuate from the right bank of the Dnieper, especially from the coastal zone, where Russian artillery can reach, as there will be shelling anyway.

This was announced by military expert Oleg Zhdanov on his YouTube channel on November 19.

"There was a call from our leadership that it is desirable to evacuate from the coastal zone, where Russian artillery can reach, because the shelling will still happen. We will not get anywhere from this, Russia will still deploy its artillery and shell the right bank of the Dnieper. And the city of Kherson can also to come under these attacks, and the adjacent territory," the expert explained.

Therefore, according to Zhdanov, if there is an opportunity, it is better to go to the safe distance of the right bank and wait there until the Armed Forces of Ukraine begin to liberate the left-bank part of the Kherson region and push the enemy to a safe distance.

"So don't delay, there is an opportunity - evacuate," the military expert emphasized.

It will be recalled that during the distribution of bread in the Kherson region

, the occupiers opened fire: five people were injured


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