The CITIC Institute of Financial Management, located in Annan District, Nanshi City, received complaints from the public about the potholes on the campus roads, and the school has been reluctant to repair them.

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[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Report from Tainan] Citic School of Financial Management received complaints from the public about the damaged campus roads and potholes affecting safety. The problem has not been improved in the past year, and the open campus has no guards.

The school responded that after the completion of various renovation projects, the road surface will be repaved and leveled first.

CITIC School of Finance and Management stated that the campus is a pedestrian area, and that various renovation projects in the campus are still in progress, and warning signs have been set up. Prioritize the handling of uneven roads to maintain the safety of all teachers and students.

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The school said that the school is an open campus. In the past, guards were on duty, but the students reported that the effect was not good, so electronic security and monitors were adopted instead.

In addition, the school maintains close communication channels with the 3rd Branch of the Nanshi Government Police Station, and the 3rd Branch also regularly dispatches personnel to inspect the campus safety.

According to the school, the dormitory rate of students on campus is as high as 90%. Both male and female dormitories are equipped with access control sensors. There is also an internal protection mechanism for student cadres to cooperate with school security personnel to ensure the normal operation of the dormitories.

The complainants said that in October last year (2021), they reported that there were many damages on the road in front of the gymnasium of CITIC School of Financial Management in Annan District, causing students to be injured. There is no repair, and it basically shows a bad attitude.

Complainants said that what is even more outrageous is that a kindergarten has just been established in the school recently. The potholes in the road beside the kindergarten have been there for a long time, and the school refuses to repair them at all. They only use triangle cones as warnings. If kindergarten children accidentally fall into the potholes, the consequences may be serious. Unbelievable, will the school be responsible?

The road in front of the kindergarten is also uneven due to the manhole cover. A school under the umbrella of a large consortium has such an attitude towards the damage to the school facilities!

People questioned that CITIC Institute of Financial Management, as an educational institution from kindergarten to university, "has the money to set up kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools, but refuses to spend money to repair the damaged equipment in the school. It is really ridiculous."

Residents also said that the school is located in the suburbs of Annan District and is a remote school. The school does not take the safety of teachers and students in the dormitories seriously. The school does not implement door access control at all, regardless of whether it is a male dormitory or a female dormitory. The door is open 24 hours a day. There are no guards. Anyone can run into the school. In addition to the dormitory for college students, there are dormitories for junior high school students and high school students. This kind of access control management is really incomprehensible. Can the school's top management take responsibility for the security incident?

CITIC School of Financial Management received complaints from the public that the campus roads were damaged by potholes.

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CITIC School of Financial Management received complaints from the public about the potholes on the campus roads, and they only used triangle cones to warn them.

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