The European Commission plans to unfreeze 14.7 billion euros for Hungary, which were blocked due to problems with democracy in the country.

This was reported by


with reference to its own sources in the EU leadership.

The European Commission said that money for Budapest was frozen due to significant violations of the principles of democracy in the country, but Prime Minister Viktor Orbán agreed to make concessions, so the funding can be unblocked.

At the same time, the publication's sources report that funding will be restored under some serious conditions.

The European Commission demands that the Hungarian authorities adhere to the standards of democracy.

If these conditions are not met, the money will be blocked again.

The EU's executive body will again consider the question of unfreezing funds for Budapest on November 29.

It will be recalled that earlier in Budapest, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Peter Szijártó,

announced the beginning of economic cooperation with Iran


We also informed that 

the "Druzhba" oil pipeline resumed its work

 after the blackout caused by the terrorist missile attack of the Russian Federation.

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