The short distance of 100 meters next to the Chengda campus, although there are parking spaces, is a sidewalk, so it is not legal to ride a bicycle, you can only lead a car.

(Photo by reporter Wang Jie)

[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] It is a basic concept that drivers should have that motorcycles cannot ride on the sidewalk. However, Tainan Chenggong University campus has set up parking spaces on private land. After being photographed and reported, the police issued thousands of fines in this short 100 meters within 7 days; Tainan police pointed out that although some Chinese people are not used to it, according to the road traffic management penalty regulations, motorcycles riding on sidewalks can be fined from 600 to 1800 yuan The following fines apply, and motorcycles need to be “pulled” to find a parking space on the sidewalk.

This ticket trap is near Chengda Hospital, and the supply of parking spaces around Chengda Hospital is in short supply. Although there is a parking lot on the Chengda campus, parking spaces are also planned on the private land around the fence and on the sidewalks, and the habit of most motorcycle riders is I was looking for a parking space while riding a bicycle, but riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk is a violation of the regulations. Recently, the local police received a report from a specific person and issued 200 to 300 red slips every day. Some adult students even received 2 within 3 days.

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However, issuing thousands of red slips within a week did not reduce the number of local violations. The police found that there seemed to be more and more red slips. Some people reported that parking spaces were clearly painted on the ground, and cycling was not allowed. Contradictory, and the entrance and exit of the parking lot of the campus is also here. Some riders will ride into the parking lot if they cannot find a parking space outside the fence, but they will ride on the sidewalk when entering and exiting; the police wrote to the Tainan City Transportation Bureau to ask whether it should be set up here The notice board reminds that there is a sidewalk, but the traffic bureau believes that the sidewalk is very obvious and can be distinguished at a glance, so there is no need for special notices.

However, the number of reported violations is huge, and even the sub-bureau responsible for billing finds it unbearable, and some people protest to the police. Not only students who need parking, but also people who come to medical treatment, do patients have to lead motorcycles on the sidewalk? Until you find a parking spot?

The police pointed out that in the face of reports and complaints, red slips had to be issued, not only in the surrounding area of ​​Chengda, but also in the sidewalks and arcades around the railway station and downtown area, there is also room for planning retreat, so that the public can park their cars, but in accordance with the road traffic management regulations Look, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle on the sidewalk or on a building. It is recommended that motorcycle riders should be pulled if they park in these places, so as not to be reported.