In September and October 2022, the number of prisoners in Russian correctional colonies decreased by 23 thousand people.

Even during the most massive amnesty, a much smaller number of Russians were released in such a short time.

As "Mediazona" reports with reference to the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSVP), a record reduction in the number of male prisoners took place in general and strict regime correctional colonies.

At the same time, the number of those in pretrial detention centers or settlement colonies, as well as the number of convicted women, has practically not changed.

According to the FSVP, at the beginning of August, almost 349,000 people were detained in correctional colonies.

By September, they were reduced by a thousand — this generally corresponds to the long-term trend of decreasing the number of prisoners.

However, by the beginning of October and the beginning of November, a sharp decline is noticeable: 338 thousand and 325 thousand, respectively.

In total, over 23,000 prisoners "disappeared" from the colonies in two months.

The number of convicts in the colonies has never been reduced so dramatically even during the amnesty.

After all, in 2022, the State Duma did not announce an amnesty and did not pass laws that were supposed to ease the fate of prisoners. 

But 23,000 "disappeared" prisoners fit into the calculations of human rights activist Olga Romanova: according to her data, by the end of October, the number of recruits of the "Wagner" PMC exceeded 20,000, and by the middle of November - 30,000.

We will remind you that a video appeared on the Internet in which Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman close to Putin, recruits Russian recidivists, rapists and other prisoners in one of the colonies for the war in Ukraine.

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